About Us

We offer our customer the very finest quality and workmanship through our adapted process that utilizes the best of old and new technology. A dedicated team of inspectors/controllers contributes towards our rising level of product quality, which is prevalent within our organization. By following the inspection standards as specified by our customer/buyer, we assure that orders and delivery reach our customers as initially visualized..

Provisions are available to test all bulk leather/trimming as per the individual request of our buyers and confirm that our products meet all International Test Standards.

We're happy to send you samples so you can see a product before you order. Just click 'contact' on any product page or give us a call, we’re happy to help!

Infrastructure & Production Capacity

A complete infrastructure is available for the manufacturing of all types of leather garments either in thick Cow Milled Leather or Fine Suede. Our work facility is fully equipped with the best sewing and other special purpose machines that are required. Through the daily operation of 150 sewing machines and a workforce of 250 employed personnel, we have the capacity of producing approximately 100000 garments per month for your company.

Our work force is comprised of technical, highly skilled workers and supervisors along with appointed specialists for each manufacturing operation.

We know time is money, so we won't waste yours!

We take service seriously, so please give us a call - we’d love to meet you at skype (caliberindia). And, if you wait more than 60 seconds to talk to our team, we’ll give you the best we can!

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If you're looking for Varsity Letterman Jackets you've come to the right place. We promise to make ordering quick and easy, and we're sure you'll save money.

Ethical Production

We only work in sustainable and environmentally sound ways from eco-friendly water-based dyes to carbon neutral deliveries.

World-class materials

Work with world-class materials to create your personal down jacket, choosing the features that fit your plans and the sizing that fits you.

We know what you want?

With any style, design, colour, logo and text you can create a unique varsity letterman jacket that will match your needs exactly, whether it's for a team or school.

Great Support

Support team is available to assist mail us at info@jacketsdeal.com.